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TR Realty
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by K. T. on TR Realty

“Making the decision to change careers and enter real estate was not an easy or immediate choice for me. I thought about it for a long time before deciding that it was an opportunity I wanted to pursue. The decision was made while I was buying my third house. My wife and I had terrible experiences with the first twoRealtors® we chose to work with. It seemed like there was so much inventory online, but when it came time to search for the homes in person- the Realtors® would only send a few options and not want to show me more than just a few per meeting. We were frustrated and decided we were going to do something different. We decided for this house we were going to purchase a brand new house from a builder. It was bound to be a better experience not having a Realtor® involved and being able to go home site to home site on the weekends with no interruptions. We selected our builder and put down the deposit. We did not have anyone representing us through the process. Every contract was written unilaterally in the builder's favor. We basically were strong-armed into our property with no walk through, no pre-purchase home inspections, and no guidance. We had so many questions and every time we tried asking the builder they made it seem like we were bothering them or annoying them. I was furious and decided that I would get my license so that in the future, I could help new home buyers buy homes and answer all the questions they have. I could make sure that my clients knew that the inventory online is not necessarily the inventory that is actually available in real time. Once I made the decision that I was going to get my license, I had to make sure I could get a job after I got it. I went through the process of meeting with all the usual suspects; Coldwell Banker, Remax, Windermere, Keller Williams, etc. Basically if you know the name of the realty company, I interviewed there. I walked out of every single meeting with the job it was amazing! In my head, I was waiting to get my license because I didn't know if I would get a job after I received it, but everyone wanted to hire me. After having so much success I rushed to get my license and get to work. In class I was discussing with other peers which places I had interviewed at and how much success I had. They too interviewed at similar places and were offered the job. We started thinking that there is no real downside to hiring a new licensee. It is easy for a Broker to hire a new person and offer them a starting split of 60/40 with $200/month in fees for CRM management access and a website with a contract. Some Brokers would offer higher commission splits if you met a certain amount of income (for example 30k in commissions and your split would go from 60/40 to 80/20). My number one concern at the time was to find a Brokerage with a commission split in my favor (90/10 or better). The second most important thing to me was having a Broker that would be there when I had questions and would help me further my career after. That's when I found TR Realty. Bradford Roberts and TR Realty was just the combination I was looking for. I interviewed with Brad and accepted employment the same day. I enrolled in his 8-week training course. I realized that just getting your license didn't qualify you to walk a client through a transaction. I learned so much from the course. If I wasn't so busy selling homes, I would enroll in the course again just for value. Currently I am at 100% commission split with zero monthly fees. With his invaluable help and guidance, I am on target to make over $100,000 in commission my first calendar year. Thank you TR Realty!”

by B. G. on TR Realty

“I wouldn't be in the business if it wasn't for Brad Roberts and the training I received from him. He is the person that knows the most about real estate of anybody I know. I appreciate the support he gives me and all our Realtors® and the TR Team staff. If you are interested in pursuing a real estate career, I think your best option would be to join the TR Team!!”

by T. W. on TR Realty

“Although I have been with TR Realty for only a short time, I am consistently amazed and impressed at the level of service and support I receive from all TR Realty staff. Anytime I have an administrative question or need advice regarding a real estate transaction Brad and his staff are always quick to respond with a helpful solution. I am completely grateful to have such a caring and competent group of team members at my side. I also cannot speak highly enough of the training I have received through TR Realty. After completing the initial education requirements necessary to obtain my real estate license I felt a bit inadequate and hesitant to begin handling real estate transactions. However, after going through Brad’s extensive training program, I felt confident and ready to embark on my new career.I have been to a lot of training classes and never have I witnessed the level of preparation, knowledge, and presentation as displayed by Brad during his training course. Brad’s level of commitment and desire to see his agents succeed and thoroughly understand the business for which they have embarked upon is strongly felt with each and every one of his classes. Thank you TR Realty! It’s a pleasure to be a part of your team.”

by J. H. V. on TR Realty

"TR Realty or “THE mentoring program” in town where you will learn how to approach a seller, buyer, tenant, associate from very dedicated and exclusive all day long classes. More personally TR Realty has been my third office within six months since I had very high training expectations as a new Realtor® and aimed to really learn our business."

by W. A. H. on TR Realty

“TR Realty provides the best training to kick off your real estate career, it actually prepares you for real life scenarios instead of just the paperwork and it helped me a lot with some issues I had with clients! I am also enjoying NOT paying desk fees, working from the comfort of my home, and getting 100% of my commissions (minus the $299)! Best deal ever, and the main reason I transferred from a franchise Brokerage! Bradford Roberts, Emily, and the office staff are always there for support, and answer phones, texts, and emails very promptly! Never had issues or delays with closing my transactions (or getting my commission checks either!). I do recommend this Brokerage to all my interested colleagues, and will continue to do so.”

by R. W. on TR Realty

"I stumbled upon TR Realty after being dissatisfied working with the large national chains. I discovered during that their staff are very friendly and have a great phone manner (at most Brokerages the receptionist is abrupt and always rushed).The Principal, Brad Roberts is the most diligent and proactive owner-Broker I have ever worked with, he provides in house training to make us competent, professional and to mitigate lawsuits; he is constantly in search of smarter and better ways to achieve results for his sales teams and that includes new technology and programs to track sales transactions. His support staff seldom, if ever, turns over so you have that continuity and familiarity with them and the office procedures. The fee structure cannot be better than getting 100% of the commission (client E&O fees are fairly standard across the industry). This office is behind you 110%! as our success is their success."

by B. W. on TR Realty

“I originally joined another Brokerage (Century21) right after completing school because I knew one of the Brokers there and had the mind set of "I have to start somewhere and everywhere is probably pretty close to the same for training and leads." I could not have been more incorrect! After less than a month I figured out that they were not who I needed to be with. There was very little training, their leads consisted of cold calling neighbors of recently sold homes (not people who were interested in buying or selling), very aggressive-pushy scripts that made me feel like I was trying to force the client into something they didn't want, and outrageous commission splits! I chose to join TR Realty after leaving because of Bradford, he came and spoke with my class while in school and I really liked what he had to say. He seemed very knowledgeable and honest. Joining TR Realty was definitely the best move I could have made! Bradford's training program is EXCELLENT and his staffs are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and helpful! Talk is cheap but TR Realty and Bradford have delivered way more than they ever promised or I could have expected! I would HIGHLY recommend TR Realty to anyone from the newly licensed, to the seasoned veteran! You will not be disappointed!”

by P. B. on TR Realty

“TR Realty is knowledgeable in all that relates to the Real Estate field. Plus, the personnel are very wellinformed and courteous and will assist in any of your needs. I credit this to the Principal Broker, Mr. Bradford Roberts on his outstanding ability on how to run business.”

by E. L. on TR Realty

"Choosing TR Realty was a great decision. Bradford Roberts goes above and beyond with his training program. He is an excellent teacher and he's always there to answer questions. I have only been in the business for a few months, but already I feel confident as a real estate agent."

by M. D. H. on TR Realty

“TR Realty has GREAT FEES - I don't feel robbed at all! The TR office is the most educated and qualified team. Denise is highly professional, laid back super nice pleasant while Emily's dedication and razor sharp focus always keeps me protected from convoluted paperwork. Prior to TR, I got constant misinformation. TR TRAINING IS THE BEST by Brad! It is not some trainer who just goes thru a tired lesson plan for mass recruitment purposes. He really cares that you are armed with proper education and makes sure you are absorbing the requisite knowledge. He disseminates latest info and keeps up with modern times/technology, not status quo nor stagnant. He is approachable and humorous too 🙂 His counsel has been a lifesaver and you get precise guidance/insight. Before TR, I couldn't help but feel like I was being thrown under the bus when wonky situations come up. I can count on Brad every time and always responds with lightning speed -no exaggeration. BRAD IS THE REAL DEAL. Thank you for all you do and your tremendous support. You are awesome!”

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