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TR Alliance is the perfect choice for licensed real estate agents who choose not to join the Realtor® boards and MLS. Maybe the expense of Realtor® and MLS memberships is not in your budget right now. Maybe, you prefer to focus on commercial transactions, so MLS is not necessary. Maybe you prefer to sell new construction, or to attend auctions with your buyers. Maybe you have another job or live in another state, or travel extensively and just wish to hang your license for the time being.

No worries. You should join TR Alliance. There are no monthly fees, no franchise fees, and no junk fees of any kind. You pay only a $69 annual fee, or if you prefer, a $199 lifetime fee to join. Then, if and when you are ready to become a Realtor® and join MLS, you can switch over to TR Realty the same day, and we do not even charge a fee for that.

TR Alliance associates enjoy a generous 90-10 commission split. TR Alliance associates have access to the same amenities and support as our Realtors® at TR Realty, and if you choose, for a nominal fee, you may even attend the same training classes that are offered to our Realtors®.

We are very proud of the level of support here at TR Alliance. We can be reached 7 days by email, text message, phone and in person, and the Principal Broker, Bradford Roberts, goes nowhere without his smart phone. He is not a corporate broker; he is the owner of TR Alliance, and that means your success is his success. The philosophy here is synergistic, not adversarial. We treat our associates as our teammates. And, we are backed up by the best office staff anywhere.

So, in summary, TR Alliance is ethnically diverse and environmentally friendly, and we offer the best commission splits, training, support and culture in Southern Nevada. And, we do it all from the most convenient, central location anywhere. Convinced? Ready to make TR Alliance your new professional home? It will be an honor to have you on our team.

Thank you for your interest.


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