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Property Managers

Dale “Bush” Johnson

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I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. I served 3 years 8 months in the U.S. NAVY and was discharged honorably in 1974. I went on to Purdue University and earned a Bachelor Degree of Science i... See More

Allan Lovinger

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Originally from NYC I have been a Las Vegas resident since 1975 and have watched this city grow to the metropolis it has become today. Over the last 15 y... See More

Anthony Parchment

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Anthony was born and raised in Jamaica but have been a proud Las Vegas native since July 2010. As a father of 6 (5 boys to be protectors of 1 girl) I value families, and e... See More

Doreet Hakman

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For many years, most of my weekend were spent driving around, looking for open houses. I was the queen of "house hunting," until a friend suggested I become a Realtor.... See More