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Brad comments today on Realtor dues.

Today was a payment deadline for most real estate professionals in the Las Vegas area. Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors set today as the date by which members needed to submit their payments, or their services, including MLS, will be terminated at midnight tonight. I talked with our  Realtor association today, and they told […]

Date posted: October 5, 2010

Brad is pleased to announce the grand opening of TR Alliance!

TR Alliance, our much-anticipated non-MLS sister company is now open for business. If you, or anyone you know, is unable or unwilling to pay GLVAR and MLS dues, TR Alliance is the best option. There is some difference between TR Realty and TR Alliance. TR Alliance associates do not have Realtor membership, do not have MLS access, […]

Date posted: September 29, 2010

Brad comments today on getting an appraisal report changed: Yes, it can be done!

A real estate agent came to me recently, worried that a deal on her listing was going south due to a low appraisal. The contract price was $72,000, but all parties were shocked by the low appraisal, which came in at $56,000. The buyer’s agent was quick to prepare an addendum, calling for a reduction in […]

Date posted: September 28, 2010

Brad comments today on upcoming training classes, beginning Monday, October 4th!

As I have said repeatedly throughout the years, training is, or should be, a fundamental part of every sales associate’s career. Training is not a destination; it is a journey. No one can say that he has been “trained” in real estate. It is an ongoing pursuit, one that must be taken seriously, regardless of an […]

Date posted: September 27, 2010

Brad comments on knowing when it’s time to RUN LIKE HELL!

Earlier this week, one of my real estate sales associates emailed me for assistance. She was representing a buyer who signed an offer on a house. The agent submitted the offer, and received a counteroffer (well, really, an addendum) in response, that the listing agent said was mandatory. Wisely, the buyer’s agent was concerned, and […]

Date posted: September 24, 2010

Brad comments today on “Deed-in-lieu” programs.

The full name is “Deed-in-lieu-of-foreclosure”, or as we refer to it in the real estate industry, DIL. When a homeowner has fallen behind on his mortgage payments, and he is considering his options, a DIL program often comes to mind. It can be a viable alternative to a foreclosure or a short sale. But it is certainly […]

Date posted: August 31, 2010

Brad comments today on the breaking news: home sales have plummeted.

This headline is certainly sobering. But is it unexpected? In recent blogs, I have written about various related topics, some of which will be alluded to again in this blog. It is inevitable, and all interrelated. If you want to know why home sales have “plummeted” (CNN’s word) to the lowest level in 15 years, […]

Date posted: August 24, 2010

A real estate agent asks whether to include foreclosures when doing comps.

“Comps” is industry terminology for “comparative sales”. When real estate professionals are either trying to determine a listing price for a property about to go on the market, or when they are assisting a buyer to make a viable offer, they need to take a careful look at market conditions. When done thoroughly, comps should […]

Date posted: August 23, 2010

Brad comments today on the melting pot of diversity that is Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Las Vegas” means “the meadows” in Spanish. “Nevada” means “snow-covered”. Even the names imply diversity. Many people do not know that as long ago as 1880, 8.6% of Las Vegas’ population was Chinese. Immigration is nothing new. In fact, with the notable exception of Native Americans, the entire US population is the result of immigration, […]

Date posted: July 30, 2010

A buyer asks if he can cancel a real estate purchase due to divorce.

The short answer is no. Now, let me explain in some detail. Let’s say a buyer agrees to purchase a property exclusively in his name, even if he’s married. In this case, divorce would not be a legitimate reason to cancel because his name is the only one on the purchase and sale agreement. That would seem to […]

Date posted: July 26, 2010

A real estate agent asks how to handle furniture in a sale.

The issue of furniture, or any other personal property for that matter, can be sticky. Therefore, it needs to be handled correctly. If a seller wishes to donate furniture to the buyer, or sell it to the buyer and the buyer agrees, the real estate agents will be asked to assist, for maybe no other reason […]

Date posted: July 23, 2010

Brad comments today on respecting the paperwork.

I have long spoken of the sanctity of the real estate contract. The inviolability, if you will. To me, a contract is a contract. It is not a suggestion or a game, and one must not be dismissive or ambivalent about it in any way. No one should sign a legally binding contract without knowing what […]

Date posted: July 22, 2010

Brad comments today on helping customers who won’t even help themselves.

The old saying goes something like, “You can lead a horse to water . . . .” Lately, I have witnessed some real estate professionals really struggling to help their customers, some of whom are in short sale situations, some of whom are buyers. These customers can be slow to respond to offers and counteroffers, […]

Date posted: June 29, 2010

Brad comments today on the dangers of showing houses.

Columbus, GA, 2008, a real estate agent was killed by a tenant. Nashville, TN, 2007, a real estate agent was killed while doing an open house. McKinney, TX, 2006, a real estate agent was killed while doing an open house. St. Louis, MO, 2006, two real estate agents were robbed and beaten in the same week. Dallas, […]

Date posted: June 28, 2010

Brad comments today about interest rates.

Interest rates are at the lowest they have ever been in my lifetime! In fact, rates haven’t been lower since the 1950’s. It is the right time to buy! Freddie Mac is quoting rates at 4.69% right now. But there are some FHA products available, with one discount point, coming in right at 4.5%. And […]

Date posted: June 25, 2010

A real estate agent asks for advice on handling conflicted buyers.

Conflicted buyers. Those two words are virtually redundant. But why? First of all, many buyers begin their search for a new home up to a year in advance of actually being ready. So without any sense of urgency, and with life constantly throwing us curve balls, what we say we want today can be very different […]

Date posted: June 24, 2010