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Brad Comments on The Growth and Expansion of TR Realty

TR Realty has just announced something that has never been done before in Nevada history: the opening of 10 new offices!

Within a 24-month time period, TR Realty will go from one central downtown location, to a total of 11 offices, covering all of Southern Nevada. And these will not be executive suites; each location will be a real office, staffed with an experienced Branch Manager and a Reception Coordinator, as well as all the bells and whistles a real estate agent would want.

Each office will boast 24-hour access to all TR Realty Associates, regardless of which location the license is based. Agents will find conference rooms, recharging stations, coffee, snacks, fast wi-fi, plenty of work space and notary service throughout our facilities. From Summerlin, to Henderson, to Pahrump, to Laughlin, to Mesquite, and everywhere in between, TR Realty Associates can drop by, refuel, recharge, and get the support and assistance they may need to represent their clients and build their real estate careers.

We have been working hard to remove any barriers, and to make it easier to do business with us. TR Realty now offers 100% commission from day one, with no required training classes. But the cornerstones of what makes TR Realty an industry leader remain intact: outstanding seven-day support, no monthly fees, the best training classes anywhere, lead programs, CE classes, superior ethics, fantastic reputation, ethnic diversity, the latest technology, and hand-picked vendor-partners.

In June of 2014, I penned a blog about the growth of TR Realty. And in that blog (06.28.14) I stated that TR Realty had reached 125 real estate professionals. But today, a little over four years later, our team has grown to 340! TR Realty is large enough to have the full-service infrastructure that agents need, but local and independent, so there are no franchise fees or corporate bureaucracy. And now, with 10 new full-service offices opening soon, we have truly removed all barriers. Why would a real estate professional consider any other brokerage?

Consider why our growth and expansion is occurring in the manner and at the pace that it is: simply put, we are taking market share from other brokerages. You see, a brokerage has very little effect on the number of real estate agents working in any particular city. Therefore, in order to grow its team, a brokerage must be good enough and strong enough to attract agents away from other brokers.

And, a brokerage also has very little effect on the number of real estate transactions in any particular city. The more agents a broker can attract, the more potential there is for transactions to occur within the company. This is the formula for our growth.

Our NW location has already opened, with highly-respected industry veteran Michael Hoffman at the helm. And later this month, our Boulder City office will officially launch. We are honored to have long-time Boulder City resident and outstanding real estate expert Mary McClellan heading up that office. Additional locations will be announced shortly.

Never before has a brokerage accomplished so much in such a short period time. I believe that I speak on behalf of TR Realty management, office staff, sales associates and vendor-partners when I say that we are beaming with pride of our growth and expansion, and very, very happy to call TR Realty our professional home.

Date posted: September 12, 2018