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Brad comments on choosing the best office location!

TR Realty operates from a single, central location in the Las Vegas valley, one that was strategically and methodically chosen. We have had the good fortune of interviewing many excellent real estate professionals over the years, most of whom chose to associate with TR Realty after meeting with us. But out of the few who chose not to join our team, there seems to be a common denominator with most of them. And that is: location.

If I have heard one thing that gave them pause, it is the fact that TR Realty has only one office location. Unlike our competitors, many of which have multiple locations, we have made the conscious decision (thus far) to conduct business from a single but perfect location.

Virtually every other real estate company that offers multiple locations charges a monthly fee, or a higher commission split. TR Realty’s business model gives the absolute maximum commission possible to the sales agent, and that includes not charging any monthly fee (or franchise fee). At the end of the day, it is the sales agent who carries the financial burden of those companies that offer satellite office locations. And I believe that in these times when so many real estate agents are struggling with expenses, this is not the time to charge them any more fees.

But perhaps even more importantly that the single-office concept is the location of that office. And I believe that TR Realty has the absolute best location of any real estate brokerage in Southern Nevada.

TR Realty is based in a 5,000+ square foot office, which, by the way, is beautifully appointed with a mix of classic and modern Las Vegas themes. We have two large conference rooms, a kitchen, a break room, a reception area, an open work area for our agents, many private offices, and a huge training room that seats more than 30. We also have excellent signage, prominently promoting our company.

Our office is centrally located on Sahara Avenue, unquestionably one of the best known and heavily traveled streets in all of Las Vegas. Sahara Avenue is considered neither too north nor too south. Furthermore, Sahara Avenue is home to both the Nevada Real Estate Division and the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors. TR Realty is located between them.

TR Realty is half way between Summerlin and Henderson, an easy stretch from either premium area. We are five minutes from downtown Las Vegas, as well as five minutes from the famed Las Vegas Strip.

There are two major highways in the Las Vegas area: interstate 15, and interstate 95. TR Realty is between them, as well.

Many agents, especially those new in the real estate business, look to find an office close to their homes, thinking only of their own convenience. But this is not the way to run your real estate business. Real estate, after all, is a business, and like any other business, needs to serve its customers, not its employees. So the business needs to be located for the convenience of the public. And that includes out-of-town customers who visit Las Vegas in search of real estate, and who typically stay at hotels on the Strip. Most visitors do not stay in Summerlin or Henderson, or even North Las Vegas for that matter. They stay either on the Strip or downtown, both of which are a five minute drive from our office.

Real estate agents must meet other agents, meet vendors, attend classes and training sessions, pick up and drop off packages and keys and the like, meet clients, and must be centrally located and accessible to the majority of people with whom they come in contact. Choosing an office only at the convenience of the agent is simply short-sighted and not good business.

I believe that TR Realty has the best office location of any real estate company in Southern Nevada. Come and check it out for yourself. You will be impressed.


Date posted: December 30, 2014